Born and raised in South East London, I was brought up on a healthy diet of Caribbean and English culture. Music, films and art played a fundamental role in my upbringing. Artists such as Rembrandt, Jean-Luc Godard, Michael Mann, Caravaggio, Hopper, Hype Williams, Whistler, Turner and Monet inspired and influenced me and my conceptual work heavily.

After purchasing my first camera back in 2005, I sought to find artists to shoot low budget promos for, whilst finding my own unique directorial style. My first video was the acclaimed "Even After All". I would say that I continually strive to progress and evolve from strength to strength. Aiming to give each production it's own aesthetic feel.

I can confidently say that I am focused on becoming one of the pioneers at the forefront of promo and feature film directing. I welcome any questions or enquiries you may you may have regarding future collaborations.